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What we are doing?

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Young professionals of the Millennial generation live extremely stressful and achievement-driven lives. In addition to generational shifts, mental health demographics are changing in corporate offices.

Millennials are reporting more severe concerns at counseling centers, and more professionals with mental health diagnoses are seeking help. Millennials need effective stress-reduction programs due to changes in their generation and the socio-cultural shifts they are experiencing. Researchers and clinicians have begun to pay close attention to mindfulness-based interventions.

And here at Mind Evolution, we create effective mindfulness programs for millennials and corporates so that they can create more than living, A FULFILLED LIFE.

Incredible Insight from Experts on Breaking Free from Limits and Achieving Life Goals.

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The Mind behind Mind Evolution

I am Naisargi Shah, Certified NLP Trainer, Accredited Transformational Coach & Certified Soft Skill Trainer with 18 years of experience in the corporate world. Mother of two boys and a dog. I work to cultivate freedom, hope, and healing for young millennials through evidence-based counseling. I combine my treatment approach with trauma healing to help you find your personal worth and value.

I have trained over 1000 professionals over the period of 18 years to achieve mindfulness.

The Mind behind Mind Evolution
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